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Coaching Information

Why come to coaching? Kids are going to get better, faster, quicker & stronger as they get older, more experienced and skilled anyway. But ... they will get better quicker and be less likely to develop bad habits if properly coached. Athletes almost always perform better if they are coached. Properly accredited & experienced coaches (like the ones at Knox) can develop junior athletes much quicker than if they are training alone or not training at all. There are well recognised technique progressions and training drills that will rapidly teach all the basics and make your children more proficient & competitive. They will also probably enjoy LA's more if they aren't crashing over every 2nd hurdle or throwing a discus into the fence.

There are many coaches available at Knox to help you fine tune your skills. Coaching times vary depending on the event and time of season. Little Athletics are allocated Mondays & Wednesdays afternoon training sessions at Knox, but training often occurs on other days depending on the availability of the coach. Best to contact the coach(s) for each event for specific training times. Often coaches are available on an ad hoc basis if you have special needs or want that extra boost to your season.

Coaching is a rewarding pastime. The centre even pays for your coaching fees. Why not get more involved and do a course and get started!

See here for all the information you ever wanted to know about coaching & courses at the official ATFCA web site.

More info here about guidelines for coaching junior athletes.

Of specific note:

Throws Coaching - Mike Donato & Frank Bathgate are ATFCA certified Throws Coaches. Mike also does Multi-Event and is the Strength & Conditioning coach for Knox LA's. See here for their coaching schedule.

Relay Coaching (pdf flyer) - relays are coached in the first part of the summer track & field season. Check out the klac23 site for training times for each age group.

Javelin (pdf flyer) - for the U11's doing it for the first time.
Sessions start at Sun, 9 Sep from 9-10am through Sep.

Block Starts (pdf flyer) - for the U12's again for the first time.
Sessions start at Sun, 9 Sep from 9-10am through Sep.

Hammer (pdf flyer) - for the U15's.

For all other events see the current coaching program here.

For more information on the Little Athletics Program see the very comprehensive Knox Little Athletics Web Site KLAC23.
This site aims to give only general Little Athletics info and is more specifically aimed at Scoresby Striders members.
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