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2016 - 2017 Season Committee Members and Cheif Officials

The Scoresby Striders as part of Knox Little Athletics have a committee that runs the club on a week to week basis over the summer season. We go into hibernation during the winter cross country competition season as the Knox centre runs that directly. Like most sporting clubs we are a dedicated bunch of amateurs trying to do the best we can with never enough time, money or resources.

We also need your help! We always need new blood, I mean volunteers, to help out and keep everything running smoothly. We especially want you if you are rich and famous, emphasis on rich! if you know any rich philanthropists - sign them up!

We have monthly meetings where we lounge around indulging in champagne & caviar, oops, sorry I mean tea, coffee & biscuits (depending on whose house we are at) and discuss world events and how we would solve them, working towards that ever elusive goal of World Peace. Sometimes we actually even discuss little athletics.

2016 - 2017 Committee Contact Information:

Club President

Tim Niewand

0458 967 510

Vice President

Brad Krawczyk

0400 500 626


Nicole Taylor

0404 889 785

Team Manager

Brooke Sanstrom

0416 401 902

Assistant Team Manager


555 555 555


Barry May

0431 098 344

General Committee

Michael Macfarlane

0402 297 275

General Committee

Angela Macfarlane

0438 806 151

General Committee

Kris Shipham

0412 556 623

General Committee

Alan Bukuya

0432 030 046

Duty Roster

Sharon Baldry

0410 580 308

Competition Representative

Peter Baldry

0418 377 493

KLAC Representative

Tim Niewand

0458 967 510

Club Webmaster

Michael Macfarlane

0402 297 275

Chief Officials:

High Jump

Brad Krawczyk, Peter Baldry, Barry May


Michael Macfarlane, Nicole Tayler, Russell Oettinger.


Kris Shipham


Becki Allison

Non Office Roles:

BBQ Team

Lindy Bukuya, Carolyn Niewand, Matt Krawczyk

Competition Day Setup Team


Competition Day Packup Team

Many hands make light work

School Liaison - Scoresby Primary School

Kris Shipham

School Liaison - St Judes Primary School

Nicole Taylor

School Liaison - Waverley Christian College

Barry May

We try and ease you in, start on the general committee first and then once you have the idea of how things run, have a go at trying something else.

Elections are held at the AGM at the end of every summer season and while we generally fill all the required positions we can always use more bodies. Preferably alive and breathing. As they say, don't be backwards in coming forwards!

Over the course of the year we do other stuff, like run a BBQ on Friday night competitions, have an annual cake stall, fund raising, organise the medals and award nights, etc. People are needed to help setup the portable gazebo, you know all the normal sort of stuff.

We have unearthed our constitution recently and after a thorough perusal & updating of it's contents we will make it available for a download at some future date.

For more information on the Little Athletics Program see the very comprehensive Knox Little Athletics Web Site KLAC23.
This site aims to give only general Little Athletics info and is more specifically aimed at Scoresby Striders members.
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