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How to contact the Striders

2014 - 2015 Contact Information:

Club President

Tim Niewand

0458 967 510

Vice President

Brad Krawczyk

0400 500 626


Nicole Taylor

0404 889 785

Team Manager

Brad Sanstrom
Brooke Sandstrom

0425 703 749
0416 401 902


Sandy Sanstrom

0425 703 748

Exec & Comp Committee Rep, KLAC Coaching Coordinator, KLAC Centre Referee, Chief Official

Tim Niewand

0458 967 510

Club Webmaster

Michael Macfarlane

0402 297 275

Feeder Schools

Scoresby PS, St. Judes PS & Waverley Christian College

...Insert Photos of us contactables here so people know who is who as we are all too embaressed to ask because we forgot your name...

For more information on the Little Athletics Program see the very comprehensive Knox Little Athletics Web Site KLAC23.
This site aims to give only general Little Athletics info and is more specifically aimed at Scoresby Striders members.
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