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2014 - 2015 Season Parent Roster

Download the 2014/2015 Roster (PDF) is here.

Little Athletics runs by volunteers. No volunteers, no Little Aths. Each of the eleven clubs is required to provide one official per five registered athletes. We need over 120 parents each competition day at the centre for everything to run smoothly. Duty can be fun and as with most things is what you make of it. We try to be flexible and allocate days as you advise us of your availability. Typically you will be rostered on every third week. New parents particularly if they have young children (U7 & U8) are advised not to do duty in the first few weeks as you need to chaperone your kids around. Some parents like to get it over with and do their duty first up for 6 weeks and others want it spread over the season. We are nice people and try to accomodate your wishes wherever possible. First in best dressed as always though.

Little Aths is not a child minding service and a responsible adult is required to be at the centre while your child/children are competing. If you are going to be there anyway, you might as well be doing something useful and help out somewhere. We try to ease you in gently. Especially in the first year, there can seem to be a lot going on, with many events running simultaneously, event announcements being broadcast continuously and kids running around everywhere. Don't worry the kids get the hang of it very quickly, probably quicker than you will! Certainly you will have plenty of time to cruise around and check things out and watch your kids run and throw and jump, etc.

But once you are in the swing of things, don't be one of the many vegetating in the grand stand. More people are always needed. If you can't make it on your rostered day please get someone else to fill in for you otherwise we may run short of officials on the day.This is best done well in advance, not 5 minutes before competition starts. If you don't turn up, some events may be cancelled and some kids might miss out on their events. This is a bad thing. Don't let it be because you didn't turn up or organise someone else to be there in your absence.

Starting time for officials is 8:15am on Saturday and 5:45pm on Friday and you must register at the duty roster table next to the canteen. At the table, a subcutaneous tracking device will be injected into your neck and your movements monitored over the course of the day to ensure that you fulfil your duties. Don't worry, it dissolves at the end of the day. Did I mention the electric shock from the implant if you move further than 400m from the centre. Only joking! Although maybe we could get it passed by the executive committee for next year ...

There is an annual trophy for the best performed / attended club in terms of meeting roster duty for the Knox Centre. This includes a monetary prize and it can make a fair sized boost to club finances. Help us win this year so we can really splurge out and buy more food for the AGM and awards! Caviar & Crayfish here we come.

In 2013-14 Scoresby Striders is supplying chief officials for back straight marshals and triple jump (every week) and hammer throw (program A only).

Duty will involve one of the following :

You will be arduously trained to within a mm of your life and able to handle all unusual situations short of a thermonuclear event, in which case Little Aths will be cancelled for the day.

If you want to get more involved you can become :

Parents Duty Roster:

Download the 2014-2015 Roster HERE
(MS Excel spreadsheet) This will be the full roster until the end of the season in March 2015.

Chief Officials:

High Jump
Programs A, B & C

  • Brad Krawczyk
  • Peter Baldry
  • Barry May

Programs A, B & C

  • Michael Macfarlane

Programs A only

  • Cathy Marotta

For more information on the Little Athletics Program see the very comprehensive Knox Little Athletics Web Site KLAC23.
This site aims to give only general Little Athletics info and is more specifically aimed at Scoresby Striders members.
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