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Club Records and Awards

Scoresby Striders Club Records - All Time:

Strider Boys all time records pdf download

Strider Girls all time records pdf download

Last updated for the 2013/14 season (24 March 2014)

See here for all time Knox T&F Records. A full listing can be downloaded as a pdf file from this page.

Manual and Electronic times are both listed until the electronic time is better and then only the electronic time is listed

2013 / 2014 Season Records:



to be updated after presentation night

to be updated after presentation night

Download PDF record Boys 2013/2014

Download PDF record Girls 2013/2014

2010 / 2011 Season Records:



Trent Marotta U7 Shot Put 6.37
Trent Marotta U7 Discus 14.36
Beau Williams Youth 100m 12.09
Michael Roberts Youth Long Jump 6.39
Beau Williams Youth Triple Jump 12.42
Beau Williams Youth High Jump 1.75
Beau Williams Youth Shot Put 13.92
Beau Williams Youth Discus 53.97
Beau Williams Youth Javelin 43.63
Beau Williams Youth Hammer Throw 29.8

Tareena Little U15 400m 1.03.36
Tareena Little U15 800m 2.19.52
Tareena Little U15 1500m 5.01.75
Tareena Little U15 Steeple 1100 4.09.47

Download PDF record Boys 2010/2011

Download PDF record Girls 2010/2011

2008 / 2009 Season Records:



Beau Williams - U14 - 70m - 8.97s
Beau WIlliams - U14 - High Jump - 1.65m
Beau WIlliams - U14 - Shot Put - 12.53m
Beau Williams - U14 - Javelin - 38.0m
Matt Little - U15 - 800m - 2:08.59

Tareena Little - U13 - 800m - 2:26.59
Tareena Little - U13 - 1500m - 5:00.00
Tareena Little - U13 - Steeple 1100m - 4:01.54
Amelia Finnegan - U14 - 800m - 2:36.36
Amelia Finnegan - U14 - 1500m - 5:32.19
Amelia Finnegan - U14 - 1500m Walk - 7:06.02
Brodie Pledge - U16 - 70m - 10.83s
Brodie Pledge - U16 - 100m - 15.53s
Brodie Pledge - U16 - 1500m - 7:53.20
Brodie Pledge - U16 - Shot Put - 7.45m
Brodie Pledge - U16 - Discus - 19.82m
Brodie Pledge - U16 - Javelin - 21.24m
Brodie Pledge - U16 - Hammer - 17.7m

Download PDF record Boys 2008/2009

Download PDF record Girls 2008/2009

2006 / 2007 Season Records:




Amelia Finnegan in the G12 Walk 7:54.69

2006 / 2007 Season Awards:

Most PB's Tim Lai 45
Senior Boys Club Champion Tim Lai
Junior Boys Club Champion Nicholas Geraghty
U7 Champion Joshua Sleeman
U8 Champion Sho Takeuchi
U9 Champion Dylan Liyanaarachchi
U10 Champion Lachlan Raymer
U11 Champion Nicholas Geraghty
U12 Champion James Donato
U13 Champion Matt Little
U14 Champion Jonathan Geraghty
U15 Champion Tim Lai
Inter Aths Champion Matthew Papworth

Most PB's Jessica Marotta & Emily Hunter 31
Senior Girls Club Champion Emily Hunter
Junior Girls Club Champion Bridget Pledge
U7 Champion Sarah Glewis
U8 Champion Brooke Raymer
U9 Champion Brooke Sanstrom
U10 Champion Monique Clayton
U11 Champion Bridget Pledge
U12 Champion Amelia Finnegan
U13 Champion Julie Baldry
U14 Champion Brodie Pledge
U15 Champion Emily Hunter

Scoresby Striders president's award, Judy Lai - For her continued enthusiasm and outstanding dedication to our Club

Personal Competition Points System for Season Awards
The following points system is used to determine the club champion for each age group and sex :

a) 6pts for first, 5 points for second and so on down to 1 point for sixth - for every athlete in each age level & sex.
b) a Personal Best (PB) is given 1extra point.

One possible alteration to the points system is to take into account outstanding performances and to add :
c) a club record gets an extra point, centre record 2, region record 3 and a state record an extra 4 points.

This takes into account attendance, regular attempts at all events, performance and consistent improvement.

Personal Best milestone achievment awards are at 30 for GOLD, 20 for SILVER & 10 for BRONZE.

The Junior & Senior Championship Trophies are also presented for the outstanding athlete in overall age groups. These overall club champions are broken into male & female / junior and senior athletes, making 4 awards in total. As there can be a large difference in numbers in the many age groups we take a number of factors into account before awarding these major awards. This is done at the discretion of the committee taking into consideration not only the total points accumulated over the season but numbers of athletes in the age group, relative performances at the centre level, regular attendance and attempts at all events. All age champions and junior / senior championship awards are delivered at the end of year function and AGM.

After every event your child is given a ticket and this is recorded and points tallied against previous efforts (for PB's), etc. With the imminent implementation of electronic timing for some track events, the long standing ticket system might be changing. But performances will still be recorded the same as always.

The standard of competition at Little Aths is quite high. Considering that around 35 schools are zoned for our centre this is to be expected. Each of the 11 clubs compromising KLAC is zoned for 3 schools. Even if your child is doing very well at school sports they will find the competition a bit tougher at Little Aths - particularly at centre level. New athletes in partcular often find the first year a learning process as most of the field & jump events events are somewhat technical in nature and require some skill aquirement before they can be competitive with more experienced athletes. But the important thing is to have fun and have a go. The emphasis is in trying to beat your own personal bests. Over the full length of the season, most athletes will almost certainly achieve a club medal for breaking their own PB's.

However we are always tinkering with the scoring system to make it even better. Any changes will be discussed by the committee over coffee & biscuits and eventually published here for all to see.

For more information on the Little Athletics Program see the very comprehensive Knox Little Athletics Web Site KLAC23.
This site aims to give only general Little Athletics info and is more specifically aimed at Scoresby Striders members.
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